Virtual Tours – FAQs

What Happens During a Photo shoot and How Long Does it Take?

Kevin will visit your site with a tripod, panoramic head and camera with a very wide angle (fisheye) lens. He will go over the final details with you including what areas the tour should cover, what feature photos will be taken, get a signature and also take full payment for the shoot. A shoot is taken quickly and unobtrusively and generally finishes in about one to two hours.

What are the “Hidden“ costs?

There are no hidden costs. You pay a one off cost for the photography. The only cost you may incur in the future is if you request a reshoot because you modified your business or had a refit and you would like your tour updated. Please call Kevin for pricing so he can provide you with the most accurate estimate for your business.

Will Employees or Customers Be Shown in the tour?

That’s totally up to you!.

What About Security?

People only see online what they would actually see if they visited your premises in person, no more, no less. If you have any areas of concern please inform Kevin and he will ensure they are not covered in the photography. Security cameras, alarms, etc. can be blurred if you require.



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