How to get started with a Virtual Tour


Step 1: Virtual Tour Consultation

Contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of the photo shoot. I will take a look at your premises and discuss with you the areas that you’d like covered. From that, I will give you a price for your package. If you are happy with the details and price I will go ahead and book a time to visit you and take all the principal photography required for your virtual tour package. You will also sign a service agreement for the photography.

If you are happy with the details and price I will go ahead and book a slot to visit you and take all the principal photography required.

Step 2 – Tidy Up!

I’m really sorry if  this step has struck fear into your heart, but it is really advisable to have a tidy up  before your photo shoot. After all, you do want your business to look its best for everyone to see online don’t you? Having said that, it’s probably best if you don’t go overboard with the tidying. It still needs to be a realistic expectation of what your business will look like on a normal operating day, should a customer walk in. You may also wish to advise your customers prior to the photo shoot that they may be photographed by the panoramic camera. After that… you can relax!

Step 3: Photo Shoot

I will arrive at your business on the scheduled date and time for your photo shoot. You will need to have the business presented as you would like it to appear in the final photos prior to my arrival for the photo shoot. Before the photo shoot commences you will need to sign an agreement to allow permission to use the photography for Google Maps Business View. Payment for the Photo Shoot is required at the end of the Photo Session which usually lasts around 1-2 hours.

Step 4: Virtual Tour Construction

After carrying out your photo shoot I create your virtual tour utilising specialist software

Step 5: Virtual Tour Publishing

Once I have completed construction of the tour, I will supply you with the full tour electronically so you will be able to embed the Virtual Tour directly into your own website using some simple HTML code.  Take the time to marvel and enjoy the tour for yourself because let’s be honest, you will! After that, start promoting the Tour to your customers both online and offline to maximise its potential! Your Tour is now complete!


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